How much does it cost to see the national team in the 2024 Copa América?

How much does it cost to see the national team in the 2024 Copa América?

The Copa America 2024 will take place between June 20 and July 14 and the Uruguayan national team will be part of the continental competition that will take place in different cities of USAso going to see the celestial can represent a budget for Uruguayans.

The team led by the Argentine technical director, Marcelo Bielsais part of the group C where they will face the host country, United States, Bolivia and Panama. To be part of the sporting illusion that the sport that generates the most passion generates for Uruguayans, Ambit gathered information on how much the necessary budget is.

This America Cup It has the peculiarity that it will be played in different cities in the North American country, so not only do you need plane tickets to get to USA but to move within it. The first game he will play Uruguay will be against Panama and the headquarters will be Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, on June 23.

To get there, a passage from the Carrasco Airport It costs approximately $1,000. Meanwhile, hotels per night, depending on the amount of amenities they have, can range from $50 to $800.


Moving within the United States

After the first game of the group stage, it’s time for the second against Bolivia in the mythical MetLife Stadium on June 27. This will take place in the city of New Jerseyvery close to New York, Therefore, it is advisable to take a ticket from Miami to that city and then take other transportation. Flights between both cities have a value between 180 and 300 dollars.

Meanwhile, accommodation in that city can range from $80 to $317, if you decide to stop in New Jerseywhile the values ​​in New York, Known as one of the most expensive cities in the world, it has a higher range although with cheaper options but with fewer amenities.

The third date of the cup is against the host country on July 1 and will take place in Geha Field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas Cityin the state of Missouri. Direct flights from New York to one of the central states of that country range between 220 and 400 dollars. For their part, accommodation prices average between $90 and $440.

Copa América ticket values

To access the matches you can buy tickets directly on the official website of the Conmebol America Cup. There, you will see all the matches that will take place and you can choose each one.

Prices for tickets to La Celeste games depend on the location of the seats but can range between $60 and $450.

Meanwhile, prices for the quarterfinals, semifinals and final phases can cost up to $3,000, although they have a floor of $140.

Source: Ambito

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