Short breaks and weddings are cancelled: “Weather will not be famous”

Short breaks and weddings are cancelled: “Weather will not be famous”
It will be wet and cloudy in Upper Austria.

Rain, wind and low temperatures instead of summer, sun and fun in the water. In Austria and Italy, for example, short holidays are cancelled over the long weekend, as are weddings. “To put it positively, the weather is not going to be famous,” says Alexander Ohms, meteorologist at GeoSphere Austria, in an interview with OÖN.

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Weather “not untypical”

On Saturday, the meteorological start of summer, it will be wet and cloudy everywhere in Upper Austria. It will rain again and again. There will also be a brisk wind with peaks of up to 50 kilometers per hour. “The temperatures of 12 to 16 degrees don’t feel pleasant,” says Ohms. According to the meteorologist, the current weather is “not untypical”. There will be heavy periods of rain in May and June.

  • The detailed forecast for your region can be found at nachrichten.at/wetter

According to Ohms, there will be no heavy rain in Upper Austria, as there was in western Austria and Bavaria. “On Sunday or Monday, you will only notice that the water level of the Danube is higher,” says the meteorologist.

On Sunday the weather will remain unsettled, but it will be a little friendlier and warmer. “In the afternoon we will see a few rays of sunshine again,” says the meteorologist. Temperatures will rise to up to 21 degrees.

Front with thunderstorms and rain

There is no sign of a change in the weather situation in the coming week. After heavy rain showers on Monday, there will be a few summery days. “From today’s perspective, Wednesday and Thursday will be mostly sunny and warmer,” says Ohms. On Friday, temperatures could rise to as much as 30 degrees in some places, before a front with thunderstorms and rain moves through Upper Austria again.

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