Iraq executed eight people sentenced to death for terrorism

Iraq executed eight people sentenced to death for terrorism

Iraq executed eight people sentenced to death for terrorism that belonged to jihadist group Islamic State. The murders occurred in a prison in the city of Nasiriya.

According to security sources, the eight Iraqis “convicted of terrorism who belonged to the Islamic State group were executed by hanging“. This “under article 4 of the anti-terrorism law“, they declared.

Executions in Iraq


Members of the Islamic State.

In recent years, Iraqi courts have handed down hundreds of death sentences and life sentences. Even on May 6 of this year, 11 people were hanged in the same city for terrorism, indicated AFP.

The country’s Penal Code indicates that anyone who has joined “a terrorist group,” regardless of whether they fought or not, could be punished with the maximum penalty. Because of this, Iraq was criticized by human rights groups due to the processes described as expeditious and the obtaining of confessions under torture.

A famous Iraqi tiktoker was shot dead

Om Fahad, a famous Iraqi tiktoker, was shot dead in Baghdad. The influencer became known for uploading videos to TikTok and Instagram for wearing tight outfits and dancing to Arabic melodies.

For that reason, during the year 2023, she had been sentenced to six months in prison for publishing content considered “indecent”. Specifically, the court stated that it was for “the publication of several videos with indecent intentions and that violate modesty and public customs.”

The Iraqi government then launched a campaign to identify and chase on social networks the “decadent content” that was “against morals and traditions” of society. To achieve this, a platform was created that allowed users report posts of this style, something that condemned several network stars.

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