Pre-trial detention imposed on Styrian bomb maker

Pre-trial detention imposed on Styrian bomb maker
The suspect triggered a major police operation in Graz.

According to Hansjörg Bacher from the Graz public prosecutor’s office, there is a risk that the crime will be committed and carried out. The extension of the pre-trial detention will be reviewed in two weeks. However, no significant new findings were made in the investigation on Friday.

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Contrary to initial reports, neither a magnet nor any other remains of a possible bomb were found on the car of the man’s ex-wife. However, investigators assume that the suspect had actually attached an explosive device to the Styrian woman’s car. The search for this bomb is still ongoing, but it is proving difficult because she has driven numerous routes in the car since May 3rd.

According to police spokesman Markus Lamb, it has become clear that the suspect apparently did not want to take action against the religious community but against his ex-wife. However, his statements are still being checked for credibility.

Confident and cooperative

The 55-year-old from the Graz-Umgebung district was arrested on Wednesday because he is believed to be responsible for several bombs that have been found on vehicles and in front of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ buildings since August 2023, some of which have also detonated. The IT technician has so far confessed and been cooperative. He cited maintenance disputes with his ex-wife, who is a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, as his motive. He therefore wanted to kill her. The other bombs were only intended as a distraction.

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