What is it and what are its effects?

What is it and what are its effects?

Some have characteristics similar to those of a hurricane. When would the phenomenon form and what areas of Chile it could affect.

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Meteorological experts warn of the possible arrival of a extratropical cyclone to Chili. The phenomenon would begin as a warm core cyclone, to become a “ cold extratropical cyclone“, although we are still waiting to see how it will evolve.

The truth is that the possible arrival of the cyclone already anticipates heavy rains in Chili. Now, everything will depend on how the phenomenon develops in the coming days.

An extratropical cyclone approaches Chile

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The impact of the extratropical cyclone will depend on how it develops.

The impact of the extratropical cyclone will depend on how it develops.

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The cyclones are whirlpools that rotate at high speed and what they produce strong winds and abundant rain. They usually occur in the intertropical regions of the Earth andThey form over warm waters when the atmosphere is unstable. It is produced by a low pressure center that moves to the surface causing atmospheric instability and strong winds.

According to cnnwhich used information from the meteorology site Meteoredso that the cyclone does not reach the intensity that is observed in the northern hemisphere, it must be essential that the conditions of a Cold weather.

He “extratropical cyclone of colossal proportions”would reach Chili from Saturday 1 Juneaccording to estimates by the European Center for Medium-Range Forecasting and the Global Forecast System.

As indicated by the meteorologist Viviana Urbinafor this phenomenon to occur extreme conditions -as is often observed in other parts of the world- the sea must have warm temperaturesso it “would not manifest” in that way in the country.

The effects that the extratropical cyclone could have in Chile

Although they predict that the cyclone will reach Chilean soil on June 1, Its effects would be felt between Monday the 3rd and Tuesday the 4th. The same could affect from the south of the O’Higgins Region until Magellan, where intense rains and winds with a speed of between 60 and 80 km/h would be experienced. In any case, we still have to wait, since the real impact of the phenomenon will depend on how it develops.

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