Former Minister García denounces a center for political operations and espionage in the Prosecutor’s Office

Former Minister García denounces a center for political operations and espionage in the Prosecutor’s Office

The former Minister of Defense and Senator for the National Party (PN), Javier Garcíalaunched this Friday serious accusations against the Attorney General’s Office by ensuring that there operates “a political operations center” that carries out “espionage”.

“It is obvious that there is a political operations center in the Prosecutor’s Office,” he said during an interview on Arriba Gente on Channel 10. “Does anyone believe that this is a journalist who makes 450 calls, 800 meetings, to get the chats? “This is one, or one, I don’t know, that you find like this and this is for you,” accused the leader of his strong role in the campaign. Alvaro Delgado.

García was referring to the latest scandal he is going through the National Party with the dissemination, last week, of the chats of the now former president of the board, Pablo Iturraldeand the former senator Gustavo Penadésaccused of 22 cases of sexual abuse of minors in which some pressure on justice is suggested.

More leaks

In addition to them, in recent days messages were known between white parliamentarians from when, last year, they debated a request for impeachment against the mayor of Montevideo and presidential candidate Frente Amplio (FA), Carolina Cosse.

Added to this are other Penades and a man whom he paid for sexual videos and with whom, according to the chats, he had a sexual relationship when that person was 13 years old.

“Someone is spying, it’s like a espionage, someone is spying and says: ‘this works’. This is objective, that he is in there, that he is there or that he has contacts, because that’s where it comes from, it comes from inside the Prosecutor’s Office,” García insisted. “There is someone who is watching, spying and using, and providing, and that is very serious. You cannot naturalize what is serious,” he noted.

“When this happens in the Justice It’s not like it happens in a neighborhood club. When it happens in court it is serious, because your Individual guarantees, and your freedom may be at stake. And for your freedom, even though I think differently, I kill, for your freedom I kill,” Senator García added.

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