Buenos Aires, Roman, Napoletana, New York and more

Buenos Aires, Roman, Napoletana, New York and more

Picsa: renewed Buenos Aires pizza

On a corner in Palermo, with tables on the sidewalk and a façade that dresses in the colors of the Albiceleste, Picsa offers a renewed version of the authentic Buenos Aires pizza. It is baked in a mold and wood-fired, with a high, spongy dough, with crispy edges and plenty of cheese. The particularity is in the raw materials and techniques used. The buns are made with selected flours, high hydration and many hours of natural cold fermentation, resulting in much tastier, lighter and easier to digest. The menu features 11 varieties, some more classic and others newer, offered whole, in halves or by the portion. The favorites are the Napo (San Marzano tomato sauce, special house cheese mix, roasted cherry tomatoes, “snatched” garlic and fresh basil leaves), the Ham and Morrón (San Marzano tomato sauce, cheese mix, cooked ham, parmigiano cheese and roasted bell peppers) and the Calabresa (San Marzano tomato sauce, mix of cheeses, artisanal nduja and pickled chilies). For the more adventurous, the Mexican is suggested (mozzarella, shredded roast, mature cheddar, stewed black beans, Mexican chili peppers and fresh cilantro). The table is completed with fine and crispy fainá, mezze-type dishes, wines curated by sommelier Aldo Graziani and cocktails by Bianca Bertoli.

PICSA 6.jpg

Address: Nicaragua 4896, Palermo.

Pizza Cero: stone-grilled pizza

The Pizza Cero restaurant has 40 years of history and is currently located on an emblematic corner of the Recoleta neighborhood. There, their proposal combines different dishes from international cuisine, but focuses on pizzas, which are the specialty. They are made by a master pizza maker under a ceremonial preparation that includes kneading and assembling by hand. They add a homemade tomato sauce and the best kept secret in the house is the special preparation of the mozzarella. They are cooked on stone in a gas and wood oven. They offer classic Argentine flavors, such as plain or stuffed Fugazzeta, Calabresa and Neapolitan, as well as original options, such as Tuscany (with mozzarella, arugula and brie cheese), Venetian (with mozzarella, roquefort, green onion and egg) and Mexicana (with mozzarella, tomato sauce, hot spices and guacamole).

Pizza Zero (13).JPG

Address: Libertador 1800, Recoleta.

Santo Pizza Bar: baked sourdough pizza

Santo Bar de Pizzas is located in a colonial mansion located on the quiet corner of Charcas and Godoy Cruz. Their specialty is pan pizzas, made with an exclusive blend of flours, sourdough, 24-hour cold maturation and quality ingredients. They are thin and have a crispy base with airy edges, in the Italian cornicione style. One of the most requested is the Gran Santo (tomato sauce, mozzarella, cooked ham, provolone, grilled egg, olives and oregano). Also, their three types of Fugazzeta stand out: the Simple (mozzarella, feathered onion, provolone, oregano and olives), the Santo (mozzarella, feathered onion, provolone, smoked bacon, olives and oregano) and the Stuffed, which weighs 2 kilos and is the undisputed star of the house (stuffed with mozzarella and cooked ham and covered with feathered onion, provolone, olives and oregano). This place also includes a tapas menu with cheese and cold cuts dishes, French fries, potato omelettes, salads and cakes. An ideal space to stop while walking through Palermo.


Address: Charcas 4799, Palermo.

Cosi mi piace: Roman pizzas

The Italian cantina Cosi Mi Piace delights with Roman-style pizzas: thin dough, crispy and almost without edges. They are made with Italian Divella flour and are naturally fermented, stretched with sticks and cooked in an Acunto brand wood-fired oven, brought from Naples. Its extensive menu suggests options rosse (with Italian tomato sauce), varieties bianche (without sauce) and vegetarian alternatives. Also, the option to add ingredients to taste is offered, for an additional value. Some of the most coveted are the Stracciatella (with tomato sauce, stracciatella, fresh basil and freshly ground black pepper), the Diávola (with pomodoro, fior di latte mozzarella, spicy Neapolitan sausage salami and fresh oregano) and the Carbonare e Patate (with fior di latte mozzarella, baked potato slices, eggs, crispy bacon and pecorino). The space has an external deck, a living room and a picturesque outdoor patio with cobblestone floors, inspired by Neapolitan streets.

I SEW MY PIACE straciatella 1.jpg

Address: El Salvador 4618, Palermo.

Pompeii: Neapolitan pizza

In the western area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires, Pompeya is a coordinate to try authentic Napoletana pizzas. Their buns are made by hand from organic flours, sourdough and fermentation for 48 hours in the cold. The pizzas are cooked at over 450°C using white quebracho wood, resulting in a thin, golden crust with distinctive puffed edges. There are 16 flavors to choose from, including innovative signature versions and vegetarian & vegan options. We recommend the Pompei (fior di latte mozzarella, arugula pesto, jalapenos in honey, salted ricotta, mint, basil and lemon zest) and the Funghi Pie (gyrgolas, portobellos, garlic cream, mozzarella, fresh chopped parsley and olive oil). olive).

Addresses: Alem 325, Ramos Mejía (Pompeya Pizza Napoletana); Pompeya 2413, Castelar (Pompeya Pub Social), and Martín Fierro 2997, local 10, Solaria Complex (Leloir Park).

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Hell’s pizza: New York style pizzas

Hell’s Pizza is the brand that imposed in Argentina the innovative concept of New York Style pizzas, in XXL size and served by the slice. Today, they have more than 30 branches distributed throughout the country, with their distinctive street atmosphere that transports you directly to the Big Apple, with graffiti, neon lights and urban music. The famous pizza master Danilo Ferraz is behind the creation of the menu and his recipe uses a part of semolina, very little yeast and a long cold fermentation process. The pizzas are then cooked in special ovens with low ceilings and stone floors. In this way, they come out with a thin, flexible and crunchy base, which is complemented with iconic ingredients such as the Obama variety (with house tomato sauce, mozzarella and Tandil pepperoni), the Jackie Kennedy (with mozzarella , portobello mushrooms, red onion and optional bacon) or the Chick Norris (with chicken, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and red onion).

Hell’s Pizza – Obama 1.jpg

Address: Humboldt 1654. More branches in CABA, GBA and the interior of the country.

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