alleged infidelity between Letizia Ortiz and Felipe VI

alleged infidelity between Letizia Ortiz and Felipe VI

Felipe and Letizia They married in 2004 and they had two daughters: Leonor and Sofía. The investigation carried out by Peñafiel indicates that from that moment to the present, the queen would have been unfaithful to the monarch on different occasions. Furthermore, the journalist maintains that The king was “aware” of what was happening.

In turn, Peñafiel affirms that the incident would have “crushed and destroyed” Felipe VIand that currently “he is plunged into hell”. In the post, he maintains that “the king intends to get through this crisis,” hinting that the marriage might not last much longer.

In his new book, Peñafiel not only questions Letizia’s fidelitybut also harshly criticizes his characterfueling controversy and debate around the private life of the Spanish crown couple.

Letizia’s silences“: the book that reveals the queen’s infidelity

The recently published book details different situations in which, according to information accessed by the writer, The queen of Spain would have deceived King Felipe VI. Among them, a key episode stands out that occurred in 2011, when Letizia traveled to New York accompanied by her security team.

During this trip, she was seen very close to her alleged lover and ex-partner, Jaime del Burgo. Letizia’s bodyguards would have informed the Ministry of the Interior about this approach, which eventually reached the ears of the King.


King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia married in 2004.

Peñafiel describes Felipe VI’s reaction upon learning of the alleged infidelity as devastating. The monarch, according to the journalist, was “crushed and destroyed” and struggles to overcome the pain caused by his wife’s betrayals. In his words, “everything in his world has been broken by his deceit, adultery and betrayal.”

In his previous work, “Letizia and I”Peñafiel had already hinted at a romance between Letizia and Del Burgo, which cost him his position at the newspaper where he worked. Now, the journalist redoubles her criticism of the Queen’s character, describing her as “cold, indestructible and determined”and stating that he uses silence as a tool of control and punishment.

Who is Queen Letizia’s lover?

Jaime del BurgoLetizia’s alleged lover, is a 54 year old businessman resident in the United Kingdom and son of former politician Jaime Ignacio del Burgo. Del Burgo was married to Telma Ortiz, Letizia’s sister.between 2012 and 2016. This family bond, according to Peñafiel, is one of the reasons for the discomfort between Letizia and her in-laws.

Del Burgo would have had a significant role in Peñafiel’s revelations, providing details about his relationship with Letizia. He assures that they were a couple between 2002 and 2004and who continued as friends and confidants until 2010. After marrying Telma Ortiz, he maintained his closeness with Letizia, which ultimately contributed to their separation.

Earlier this year, Del Burgo posted a photo of Letizia on Twitter along with a message suggesting a continued relationship with the Queen: “Love. I’m wearing your pashmina. It’s like feeling you next to me. He takes care of me. Protects me. I count the hours until we see each other again. Loving You. Out of here. Yours,” the publication read.

The Spanish media suggest that Del Burgo reappeared with these accusations due to a resentment towards Letizia, who left him to marry Felipe VIsomething the businessman never forgave him.

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