The suburban ticket price rises 2.9%

The suburban ticket price rises 2.9%

He Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP) informed suburban transportation companies of a 2.9% increase in the cost of transportation ticket this month, with the aim of being able to absorb the increase in inflation and labor costs.

Although the measure still awaits the president’s signatureLuis Lacalle Pou, The companies have already been informed by the portfolio. With an increase of 2.9%, it is expected that the increase can absorb inflation and the transfer of increased labor costs, as reported by Telenoche.

On the other hand, it would reflect some modifications that have been made in the implementation of the parameters of the sector that has been going through union and economic difficulties.

In December of last year, the last ticket increase was carried out with 3.37%.

How were the ticket prices?

With the 2.9% increase, trips cost the following:

  • Up to 8 kilometers cost 54 pesos.
  • Up to 16 kilometers costs 64 pesos.
  • Up to 24 kilometers have a value of 76 pesos.
  • Up to 28 kilometers cost 80 pesos.
  • Up to 36 kilometers it costs 86 pesos.
  • Up to 44 kilometers cost 95 pesos.
  • Up to 52 kilometers costs 117 pesos.
  • Up to 60 kilometers go to 128 pesos.

Tense moment for transport

Last Thursday the National Union of Workers and Transport Workers decided to raise the general strike of transportation announced for that Friday, after the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) communicates the payment commitment so that workers of Copsa perceive their wages this Thursday.

José Fazio, secretary general of the Unott, admitted the principle of agreement and specified that “they are going to deposit the salaries during the hours of this Thursday”, at a time when members of Copsa meet with authorities of the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP) to sign the loan BROU.

According to reports, the Copsa workers echoed the promise of the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Mario Arizti, that the company was going to deposit this afternoon the salaries and other amounts owed for meal tickets.

As for the money, it is estimated that it comes from the signing of the bridge loan approved by the Banco República (BROU). This is money as an advance of the escrow for the suburban transport sector, intended for debts on licenses, vacation and complementary salaries.

“The company had debts with some colleagues since 2021,” said the Unott leader. Miguel Marrero, when valuing the BROU loan, enabled at the beginning of the month for a total of 7 million dollars.

Source: Ambito

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