ÖSV against Eliasch: FIS Congress in Iceland with potential for conflict

ÖSV against Eliasch: FIS Congress in Iceland with potential for conflict
Johan Eliasch (FIS)

Several items on the agenda, including those put forward by the ÖSV, are directed against the direction of the controversial FIS President Johan Eliasch. Accordingly, some proposals for changes to the statutes, submitted jointly by several national associations, are marked “Not supported by the Council”.

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ÖSV Secretary General Christian Scherer does not like this unusual approach. “It will be worth asking to what extent this is intended to influence the electorate,” said Scherer on Monday in a telephone conversation with the APA – Austria Press Agency, adding: “In a democracy, power comes from the people and therefore from the members. Ultimately, the decisions are made by the general meeting. But it’s a surprise package, you never know.”

“Precisions and Learning”

Despite the controversial omens, Scherer expects a “more harmonious process than in Milan in 2022” for Eliasch’s re-election until 2026, which has degenerated into a farce. One of the changes to the statutes introduced by the ÖSV and other national associations therefore also affects the election procedure for future presidential elections. Scherer described the proposed amendments as “clarifications and lessons learned” from the events two years ago in Milan.

According to Scherer, one of the main points of contention with Eliasch, the planned central marketing, will not be voted on directly at the congress, which ÖSV President Roswitha Stadlober will also attend. However, there will be a meeting with the FIS boss on this issue in Iceland. Regarding the majorities on this point of contention, Scherer noted: Eliasch’s approach may have a majority in terms of the number of people, but on this issue a de facto majority is needed, after all the Ski World Cup is mainly supported by countries such as Norway, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Where will the 2029 World Cup take place?

The awarding of the 2029 World Championships will be less controversial. For the Alpine World Championships, the board, including Patrick Ortlieb, who is leaving the committee, has the choice between Val Gardena, Soldeu and outsider Narvik. Only Lahti has applied for the 2029 Nordic World Championships. According to an ÖSV resolution, Michael Huber is to be elected on Wednesday as the successor to Ortlieb, who some people sometimes think has followed Eliasch’s line too often, on the highest FIS committee. The president of the Kitzbühel Ski Club is one of the candidates for the 18 positions that make up the board with Eliasch.

Unlike the previous board, Eliasch is elected until 2026. The conflicts between some associations and the Swedish-British businessman are unlikely to diminish in the coming years. According to media reports, for example, the World Cup contracts for the 2027 title fights have still not been signed, and Lahti 2029 is also said to be fighting against the terms of the contract.

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