Luis Lacalle Pou congratulated the new president of Mexico and called for strengthening ties

Luis Lacalle Pou congratulated the new president of Mexico and called for strengthening ties

Claudia Sheinbaum obtained more than 53% of the votes in the North American country’s elections.

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The president of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pou, congratulated this Monday Claudia Sheinbaumwho became the first woman to govern Mexicowished him the best of success in his new management and called for further strengthening ties between both countries.

The official Sheinbaum, former mayor of the emblematic Mexico Cityobtained between 58.3% and 60.7% of the votes, according to a quick count by the electoral referee. Xochitl Galvezstandard bearer of a coalition made up of the once hegemonic PRI, the right-wing PAN and the leftist PRD, added between 26.6% and 28.6% of the votes.

Given the elections won by Sheinbaum, the president did not miss the opportunity to congratulate her. “Congratulations to the elected President of Mexico Claudia Sheinbaum. I wish you success in your management and we will work to further strengthen the ties between our countries,” he published on his X account.

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The Morena party also won in Deputies

The ruling party Brunette and his allies reached a qualified majority in the Chamber of Deputies and, according to official figures, they could do the same in the Senate Chamberwhich would allow them to make changes to the Constitution, some proposed by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

A 61-year-old scientist, Sheinbaum has promised to continue the legacy of left-wing nationalist López Obrador, although with slight adjustments to mitigate violence linked to the organized crimereduce the public debtstimulate the economy, promote renewable energies and tackle the corruption.

“It is the recognition of Mexico to our national project,” Sheinbaum added to his supporters after ensuring that he achieved an advantage of 30 percentage points, the same as López Obrador obtained when he won in 2018, then becoming the largest presidential victory since 1985.

Shortly afterward, Gálvez conceded victory to his political rival and said he contacted her by phone and told her he had seen a country shaken by violence. Furthermore, he stated that after the heat of the presidential campaigns, it is time to join forces for the country.

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