Stroke and heart attack will no longer heal on their own

Stroke and heart attack will no longer heal on their own

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The croissant falls out of the limp hand at breakfast, which can no longer grasp the coffee cup. A symptom that no one should hesitate about and everyone should immediately call the emergency services (144), says the district head of the Red Cross, Urban Schneeweiß. Together with his medical colleagues, Primarius Martin Genger and Michael Guger, and senior physician Christian Prevost, he will be giving lectures on strokes and heart attacks on Wednesday, June 5th, at 3 p.m. in the hall of the Reithoffer office building. The general tone of the speakers: Both are emergencies, and they usually have dire consequences if patients and relatives let time pass after the first signs and wait for improvement. “Time is brain,” says Schneeweiß, “every minute counts, health and life depend on it.” From rescue operations, the Red Cross boss knows that the courage to call for medical help immediately when symptoms occur could be even more pronounced in Steyr. The freely accessible health day is intended to educate people about both diseases. Blood pressure and blood sugar are also measured in the foyer for prevention. (mis)

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