After attempted rape in Vienna: Police search for more victims

After attempted rape in Vienna: Police search for more victims

The perpetrator was arrested and is now in custody in the Vienna prison. (Symbolic image)

The possible time period for the crime was between April and May, it was announced on Monday. Those affected were asked to report to the State Criminal Police Office. So far, the man has been charged with attempted rape and sexual assault.

Witnesses prevented worse

The suspect, a 37-year-old Syrian, sat down next to a 23-year-old woman at the bus station on Wiedner Gürtel on the morning of May 4, grabbed her and tried to hug and kiss her. When he pushed her to the ground despite her strong resistance, two witnesses, one of whom was the 23-year-old’s companion, rushed to her aid. The women beat the man and called the police. After his arrest, the accused basically confessed to the crime, but denied any intention of rape, it was said at the time.

Perpetrator taken to prison

The 23-year-old was cared for by the Vienna emergency services and was then released into home care. The man was taken to a correctional facility. “During the interrogation and due to the investigation work of the Vienna State Criminal Police Office, Central Branch, Sexual Offenses Investigation Department, it is suspected that the arrested man committed similar crimes between April and May that are not yet known to the police,” it was said. Possible other victims can contact the State Criminal Police Office on 01-31310-43800.

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