The labor market remains static and unemployment reaches 9% of Uruguayans

The labor market remains static and unemployment reaches 9% of Uruguayans

Activity and the employment rate fell slightly in April compared to March.

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The labor market remains static, registering slight declines in activity and the employment rate, while the unemployment continues to reach 9% of Uruguayans, as had been recorded in the month of March, according to estimates by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

According to the latest technical bulletin of “Activity, Employment and Unemployment” prepared by the INE and corresponding to the month of April, the activity rate stood at 64.1%, the employment rate at 58.3% and the unemployment in the already mentioned 9%.

This implies that of the almost 1.88 million citizens active in the labor market, more than 1.71 million of them are employed and 168,700 cannot find employment.

The rate of unemployment is even higher in the inside of the country, since this reaches 9.9%. At the same time, the activity and employment rates are also lower compared to the country’s average, at 63.6% and 57.3%, respectively.

In Montevideo The panorama is a little more dynamic, since the activity rate stood at 64.9% and the employment rate at 60.0%, both above the national average, while the unemployment It was below, at 7.6%.

Labor informality registers a slight decrease in 2024

In it Uruguayit is estimated that of the 58.3% of employed people, 9.4% of them are in a situation of underemployment, while 21.3% are not registered with social security.

Likewise, the estimate of the number of absent employed people in April was 7.2%, while the average number of hours worked in the main occupation was estimated at 34.7%.


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