May 2024 was one of the 15 wettest since measurements began in Austria

May 2024 was one of the 15 wettest since measurements began in Austria
In May 2024 there was comparatively little sunshine.

“Overall, May 2024 brought 41 percent more precipitation in Austria than the long-term average and was one of the 15 wettest May months in precipitation measurements dating back to 1858,” said climatologist Alexander Orlik, “the last time a May was as wet as this year was in 2019.”

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In the lowlands of Austria, this year’s May temperatures are 1.0 degrees above the average for the climate period 1991 to 2020, and 0.6 degrees above the average in the summit regions. This puts the lowlands and mountains in 28th place in the series of the warmest May months since measurements began – in the lowlands 258 years, in the mountain series 174 years.

Compared to the climate period 1961-1990, which was not yet so severely affected by global warming, spring 2024 was 3.3 degrees above average in the lowlands. In the mountains it was 3.1 degrees above average.

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Little sunshine

Despite relatively high temperatures, there was comparatively little sunshine: averaged across the country, the sun shone 13 percent less than in an average May. This means that it was similarly sunny as in May 2023 (minus 19 percent) and 2020 (minus 15 percent).

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