Exports increased 8% year-on-year in May

Exports increased 8% year-on-year in May

Last month, export requests reached about US$1.164M, with strong increases in turnover for rice and vehicles.

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The exports Uruguayans increased 8% year-on-year in May, after export requests, including free trade zonewill reach around 1,664 million dollars, according to data from the latest report of the government agency Uruguay XXI.

The growth compared to last year was mainly explained by strong increases in billing due to placements of riceas well as the sales of vehicles.

In the breakdown, exports through customs They represented a turnover of 805 million dollars after a variation of 9%; while those destined for free zones grew by 6% to 359 million dollars.

The beef It was once again the star product and led the billing, despite suffering a 3% year-on-year contraction that led it to go from 196 million dollars to 189 million dollars. In second place was the soy with a growth of 5% to 181 million dollars and the podium was completed by cellulosewhich also grew 5% to $165 million.

Those that experienced the greatest increases were rice, which reported $82 million after growing 85%; the vehicles who dropped a total of 31 million dollars after climbing 70%; and the wood which climbed up to 27%, meaning a foreign exchange inflow of 40 million dollars.

At the other extreme, in addition to the decline in beef, the sale of malt experienced the highest negative impact of the month, after accumulating a 33% drop year-on-year. The main buyer was Brazilalthough volumes to that destination decreased by 14%.

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