Bringing in the military to combat crime is inappropriate, according to Manini Ríos

Bringing in the military to combat crime is inappropriate, according to Manini Ríos

The leader and presidential candidate of Cabildo Abierto warned that the proposal could have consequences.

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The leader and presidential candidate of Cabildo Abierto (CA), Guido Manini Ríosassured that the proposal to remove the military to the street to help the Police in public security tasks carried out by the senator and presidential candidate of the National Party (PN), Jorge Gandiniis “inappropriate.”

This Monday at a press conference in the department of Artigasthe former commander in chief of the National Army He was skeptical of the initiative and called for “responsibility” on the part of the actors who promote these ideas.

After being consulted about this, Manini Ríos stated: “The Armed Forces (FFAA) “They have preparation, they have a constitutional and legal mandate, and they have their weapons and their way of operating, that cannot be lost sight of.”

“Those who talk about taking the Armed Forces to the streets must first be clear that they have to assume responsibility, lest later by acting as the Armed Forces act, they end up in some unwanted incident and a soldier ends up paying with his freedom.” , launched controversial senator lobbyist.

“It is important that those who speak in this sense assume all the responsibility that must be assumed for this,” he pointed out in reference to the nationalist legislator.

In that sense, Manini Ríos explained that the proposal is “inconducive” and that it presents “different connotations”, which would have to be “measured at the time.”

Manini Ríos dismissed the criticisms of the Frente Amplio on security matters

In another order, the only CA candidate facing the internal elections dismissed criticism of the government in matters of public security coming from the Broad Front (FA)since it understands that they are “responsible” because they governed until 2020.

Manini Ríos led the launch of list 820 in Artigas, which includes his wife, the senator and former Minister of Housing and Territorial Planning (MVOT), Irene Moreiraas a candidate for deputy for the department.

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