Prison guards in Salzburg sentenced to 10 and 7 months in prison

Prison guards in Salzburg sentenced to 10 and 7 months in prison
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In 2022, they are said to have supplied an inmate in the Salzburg correctional facility with cell phones and alcohol and received money for it. The public prosecutor’s office accused the men of abuse of official power and bribery, and the older of the two of violating official secrecy. The verdicts are final.

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One of the defendants (55) is currently suspended, his former colleague (36) has since changed jobs. Both made extensive confessions today and admitted guilt. Both stressed to the judge that they had acted independently of each other and knew nothing about each other. “We worked in different departments and only saw each other twice during joint night shifts.” They did not even have each other’s phone numbers stored in their cell phones.

“Stupid misstake”

The two men told the court that they had known the prisoner – a Bosnian with 18 previous convictions and a heavy debt – for a long time. “He was repeatedly incarcerated in the prison, and that’s how a friendship developed,” said the 55-year-old, speaking of a “stupid mistake.” “I’m sorry,” explained the 36-year-old. “I know him from a time when he still had no criminal record, from playing football.”

Specifically, the older officer is said to have smuggled a total of five cell phones into the prison for the inmate, and the younger one three bottles of vodka. The 55-year-old had packages sent to the prison in his name that appeared to be inconspicuous. He was also accused of having illegally requested the release address of another inmate on behalf of another inmate. The younger defendant is said to have made money transfers for an acquaintance of the imprisoned Bosnian in his free time. However, the court was unable to establish any criminal conduct here. Both men received 2,000 and 1,500 euros respectively for their services. “Even though they didn’t actually want any money,” said the co-defendant inmate today.

“Saying no would have been her job”

The instigator of the smuggling was given an additional six months’ imprisonment today as a designated offender. He also admitted the charges. “I have known them both for a long time, that’s why I asked them. But saying no would have been their job, not mine.” He wanted to speak to his little daughter more often, that’s why he wanted the cell phones. But he neither distributed the phones in prison nor sold them. The judge wanted to know why he had five cell phones. “You always have to be in a magazine if one is found during a check. Then it’s gone.”

The case was discovered because the Bosnian was reported by a fellow inmate with whom he was at loggerheads. The two prison guards were held in custody for around four weeks after the allegations became known. The investigators had apparently initially suspected a larger network. The judge also said today that she assumed that this was only the “tip of the iceberg”. The extent of the punishment for the suspended 55-year-old officer was so minor that he did not lose his position.

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