The “white spots” on the skin: Podcast “healthy & happy” about Vitiligo

The “white spots” on the skin: Podcast “healthy & happy” about Vitiligo
Dermatologist Alex Jakob Kilbertus: “Vitiligo is not contagious.”

“Vitiligo is usually a major psychological burden for those affected,” says Wels-based dermatologist Alex Jakob Kilbertus in the new podcast episode of “healthy & happy”. Typical of this autoimmune disease are sudden, white, i.e. pigment-free patches on the skin.

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Especially now that the skin is darkening again thanks to the sun, the white patches are even more noticeable. “The disease is often stigmatized. It is therefore important to know that vitiligo is neither painful nor contagious,” says the expert. In Austria, around 100,000 people are affected by vitiligo.

What many people don’t know is that although vitiligo cannot be cured, it is now very treatable. “There are new creams that can achieve good results,” says Kilbertus. The prerequisite is that the disease is recognized and diagnosed as early as possible. It usually appears before the age of 30 in different forms. In the early stages of the disease, itching can occur. It starts with small white spots that can spread. The face and hands are often affected.

  • More information for those affected and interested parties is available at hautinfo.at.

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