Volunteering: When a father’s example bears fruit

Volunteering: When a father’s example bears fruit

Paramedic Stefan Bauer with his daughter Johanna

On the occasion of Father’s Day on Sunday, the Red Cross is highlighting families for whom volunteering is a matter of course – like the Bauers in Eferding.

Father Stefan Bauer has been volunteering for the Red Cross for 31 years because he “enjoys helping,” as he says. “It’s just fun to be able to contribute to the success of the community,” he says.

His role model function has worked. His 20-year-old son Simon now volunteers for Meals on Wheels and provides warm meals to elderly people who are no longer able to cook for themselves. His daughter Johanna is a paramedic.

Service with Dad

“Ever since I was little, I always said that when I was old enough, I would become a paramedic and do a shift with my dad,” says Johanna. Now this wish has come true, because as soon as she turned 18, Johanna completed her paramedic training during her voluntary social year with the Eferding Red Cross and immediately did the long-awaited night shift with her father. “The challenges in the rescue service strengthen you and encourage solution-oriented thinking and the ability to work in a team,” emphasizes Johanna.

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