Lacalle Pou asked the ministers to achieve the greatest number of achievements before the end of the mandate

Lacalle Pou asked the ministers to achieve the greatest number of achievements before the end of the mandate

The President of the Republic once again asked the different portfolios to focus on pending work before undertaking new matters.

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He President of the Republic, Luis Lacalle Pouasked the Minister council achieve “the greatest amount of achievements” before the end of his term and focus on the pending work rather than undertaking new matters that may remain unfinished.

This Tuesday, in the Executive Tower, the president led a new meeting of the Council of Ministers, where he once again asked the different government portfolios to “round out” their efforts.

He Minister of Education and Culture, Pablo da Silveiraassured in a press conference at the end of the meeting that Lacalle Pou He made “an enumeration” of achievements and other things that remained to be realized. “The message is to concentrate on the things that are being done and generate results within the deadlines that the government has,” she insisted.

“It is a Council that spoke about government issues, not the electoral campaign,” said Silveira, who understands that “there is a clear separation between the campaign and the candidates and the members of the government who have the responsibility to continue doing our work.”

The problem of public security was on the table

Da Silveira explained that Lacalle Pou addressed the issue of public security, but that each minister limited himself to exposing based on reports from his own portfolio. “There was talk of synergy beyond administrative limits, promoting joint work between ministries or other organizations such as (the) OPP wave National Housing Agency or so many others that there are,” he noted.

On the other hand, in the almost two-hour meeting, topics such as dredging of the Port of Montevideoworks of Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP)and the signing of the open skies treaty with the Argentina in the next few hours.

In addition to the head of state and the ministers, the Vice President of the Republic, Beatriz Argimónundersecretaries of the portfolios, the director of the OPP, Fernando Blancoand presidents of autonomous entities.

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