Girlfriend of professional footballer allegedly killed baby shortly after birth

Girlfriend of professional footballer allegedly killed baby shortly after birth
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The woman allegedly had not noticed her pregnancy and gave birth alone. Her boyfriend and sister-in-law were also accused. The partner got off with a diversion, the woman with a three-month suspended sentence.

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The accused and the professional footballer live in the same house and had known each other for eight years before their relationship became closer in 2022. They kept their relationship secret from their respective families. “I am a Christian and her family are Muslims,” ​​said the 26-year-old. The accused claims not to have noticed her pregnancy; the events on the night of February 22, 2023 apparently overwhelmed her completely. She got a stomachache and gave birth to a boy all by herself next to her bed in her parents’ apartment. “Only she knows what happened next,” said prosecutor Sabrina Berger. According to the autopsy, the baby suffered several injuries.

“How can anyone be so stupid?”

There is a record of a chat with the boyfriend after the birth. The woman sent him pictures of a pool of blood and her blood-stained legs and wrote that she thought she had been pregnant. Her boyfriend stated in court that he thought it had been a miscarriage at the very beginning of the pregnancy.

“Why didn’t you call the ambulance?” Judge Roman Weiss wanted to know. “That was the biggest mistake of my life,” replied the 26-year-old. “I thought it was just bleeding,” he justified himself. “That’s complete madness, how can someone be so stupid?” said the chairman.

Disturbance of the peace of the dead

The 29-year-old’s sister-in-law had come because the boyfriend had called the woman’s brother. After the ambulance was called, the third defendant tried to make the dead baby, the placenta and bloody clothing disappear. But a paramedic unexpectedly returned to the apartment and took the plastic bags from the woman. She must also answer for disturbing the peace of the dead.

Even before the main defendant was questioned, the sister-in-law was sentenced to three months’ probation for attempted suppression of evidence and disturbing the peace of the dead. The woman’s boyfriend, who was accused of failing to render assistance, accepted the offer of a diversion and must pay a fine of 1,500 euros.

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