“Unnecessary drunken act”: Teenager kills friend’s cat

“Unnecessary drunken act”: Teenager kills friend’s cat
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The friends met at a home on the evening of January 30th, where the youngest of them allegedly beat the host’s cat to death. The three co-defendants claim not to have noticed anything, and the main defendant pleaded guilty. The trial will continue on July 3rd.

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It was an “unnecessary, stupid drunken act,” said the defense attorney for the 17-year-old at the time of the crime. The boy was “very sorry,” which is why he pleaded for a diversion for his innocent client. However, the judge rejected this because of “the high level of guilt.” The now adult could not give her an explanation for his actions: “I don’t know why I did it,” he repeated.

Announcement “after two beers” made true

The co-defendants, two 18-year-old twin brothers and the 19-year-old friend who was their guest, pleaded not guilty and their defense attorneys therefore requested acquittals.

The host, whose family had two cats and two dogs, did not seriously believe that the 17-year-old would follow through on his promise “after two beers” and kill the cat. After the main defendant had been to the toilet, he reappeared with the animal in his arms and said he wanted to kill it. The boy then disappeared outside. When he returned to his friends a short time later, he declared that the cat was dead, the 19-year-old reported in court.

Dead animal thrown into stream

However, none of the friends believed this and dismissed it as “stupid news”. They had actually come to visit to see the dog’s litter. There had been talk that if there was one less cat living in the house, one puppy could stay, one of the twin brothers recalled.

Everything happened very quickly, the co-defendants explained in unison, explaining why none of them reacted. “In shock,” the twins then accompanied the 17-year-old into the forest, where the dead animal was thrown into the stream. One of the brothers made a video of it.

The next day, the main defendant claimed to the owner, the 19-year-old’s stepmother, that the twins had kicked the cat several times and that he had put the animal out of its misery by hitting it. The public prosecutor therefore accuses him of defamation in addition to animal cruelty. The main defendant’s defense attorney requested an adjournment.

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