The works in the Merín lagoon will be a before and after in competitiveness, stated Yurramendi

The works in the Merín lagoon will be a before and after in competitiveness, stated Yurramendi

The mayor of Long Hill, Jose Yurramendianalyzed the challenges of the department that is still trying to cope with the effects of the rains and floods that affected, in recent weeks, the roads and local production.

The leader of the National Party (PN) and candidate for re-election in next year’s departmental elections, explained to Ámbito that the department will have 950,000 pesos to carry out direct hiring due to the emergency in the road rural.

“What we are waiting for is that time allows us to do the works, because now it is moving mud. If everything goes well and no more rains come, we will be able to establish a recovery time,” he noted.

How is the Merín lagoon dredging project progressing?

It is a before and after the dredging is completed and the possibility of having a barge and cargo port on that dredging. By having the charge potential closest to other regions, the competitiveness agriculture, rice, without a doubt it will change. And also that of other productions. Today the department has a very large forest production, the industrialization of forestry is arriving.

The latest information we have is the call for bids by Brazil. It has worked well and there are people interested in applying. At the same time, the investors of the Tacuari port They are working to present the consortium to renew all environmental and port licenses. Therefore, in parallel both the work in Brazil of the so-called dredging tender, and in the Uruguay updating the consortium to be able to make the investment in the barge port.

Do you have any estimate of what impact this work will have on employment?

We bet that, by having more productive areas, more competitive areas in other words, the industrialization of both grains and, in this case, wood or also, why not, meat, which has potential, will be promoted.

Now I turn to the political world, how are you seeing the campaign?

It is a different campaign. First because usually at this stage of the internal we were more in the internal than in the external. And today we are more on the outside due to several factors. First, perhaps because we are a government and the defense posture of both the coalition is different. Also because the leaders have changed, without the presence of the two candidates of the last 20 years of the party, Lacalle Pou and Jorge Larrañaga, it was a very different internal process. And I also think that the internal Wide Front It’s different. It doesn’t have its natural leaders and has made it a much more internal internal. So we are in much more advanced processes. We are already discussing October, even though the candidates have not been defined.

Were you worried about the tone? Many people are already talking about the Argentinization of the campaign.

What worries me the most is that. We have codes within the system and I believe that we must maintain them. You have to pause and review, and not enter that world. There has always been great respect for others, not crossing the limits of what is being discussed at the content level, that is as far as it has to go and I already believe that there are limits that are sometimes crossed. I think we have to legislate or control what is said on networks or what is said on WhatsApp, because today anyone can say anything and after the reversal no one finds out.

What are those challenges or pending issues for which you believe another mandate is necessary?

In our case it was a shorter period than the traditional one, since instead of taking over in July 2020, we took over the first days of December, which has made the management period shorter.

Our central axis is that road infrastructure It has two legs: first, the one that citizens want to have every day when they open the door to their house, which is to have the sidewalk made, the paving, the lighting… Our challenge is to take it to all corners of the department and for that three and a half years of management is not enough.

We have been able to specify part of a perimeter ring in the city of Mellowhich is ordering heavy traffic and will generate a logistics industry designed to unite production of all the routes that reach Melo. And that generates employment, because it creates the conditions for more private individuals to land later. If the State facilitates, the private sector comes and that is what generates genuine employment later, improving local economies.

At the same time, we have worked hard with the issue of education system. We work strongly with UTU to have an important tertiary development and with Udelar so that in addition to having a university headquarters, it has a campus, which is a commitment it made for the next five years. And an achievement that we already have, but that is beginning to be seen in these years, is the arrival of UTEC with two races.

Source: Ambito

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