New management duo at the Vöcklabruck Pensioners’ Association

New management duo at the Vöcklabruck Pensioners’ Association
Franz Köppl (left) and Barbara Winkelbauer (right) with Birgit Gerstorfer

The SPÖ Pensioners’ Association (PVÖ) has a new leadership duo in the Vöcklabruck district: Barbara Winkelbauer from Frankenmarkt and Franz Köppl from Vöcklabruck were jointly elected as the leadership team. “We see ourselves as a link to the state organization and as supporters of our local groups,” says Winkelbauer. “We offer training for our officials and members.”

The district organization already had a dual leadership. For state chairwoman Birgit Gerstorfer, this practice is “exemplary” and a model for other districts.

Gerstorfer describes the PVÖ, founded 75 years ago, as “an organisation of the older generation for the older generation, fighting for a life without poverty, loneliness and any kind of discrimination in old age”.

The Vöcklabruck Pensioners’ Association has 30 local groups and around 4,500 members in the district. It offers its members group hikes, cultural visits and fitness programs – but also social services, such as advice and support on legal issues. Most local groups also have regular meetings where members can meet in an informal setting. This year, the Pensioners’ Association’s district hiking day is being organized by the Zipf-Neukirchen local group. It will take place on August 29th.

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