Fraud trial: House on Lake Traunsee bought too cheaply for 900,000 euros?

Fraud trial: House on Lake Traunsee bought too cheaply for 900,000 euros?
Lakeside pension on Lake Traunsee for 750,000 euros? A ridiculous price that has brought the Wels public prosecutor’s office into action.

As the OÖNachrichten reported exclusively in April, they are said to have persuaded an elderly lady to sell her property at a price that was far too low. The owner was probably cheated out of around 900,000 euros. The public prosecutor’s office is charging the defendants with serious fraud. The trial is set to begin on June 12.

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According to the court, the real estate company paid 750,000 euros for the property on Lake Traunsee, although the market value was 1.66 million euros. The owner was no longer legally competent at the time – in autumn 2019 – according to the allegation. Two lawyers and a notary, the two managing directors of the real estate company involved and a real estate agent are accused of this incident. If convicted, they face one to ten years in prison. In addition, a class action lawsuit has been brought against the real estate company, in which a fine could be imposed.

Investigations in a similar case

The judiciary is expecting a lot of public interest from the region for the first day of the trial. Further hearings have already been scheduled for June 13 and June 27, but it is unclear whether a verdict will be reached by then.

In a strikingly similar case, the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA) is currently investigating – due to damages in the millions: A lawyer and a notary are suspected of having persuaded a woman suffering from dementia to sign contracts in 2022 transferring her entire agricultural property in Pasching (Linz-Land district) to her nephew – although she had previously resisted him receiving anything from her in a legal dispute lasting years. There are also said to be proceedings involving a property in the Innviertel.

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Investigations are also being conducted into the case against a psychiatrist who is suspected of having prepared a favorable report on the woman’s mental state and who has since even been taken into custody, as well as against the nephew. There may be overlaps with the Traunsee case, although the investigators are keeping quiet about it for privacy reasons.

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