Thunderstorm with heavy rain and hail hit parts of Upper Austria

Thunderstorm with heavy rain and hail hit parts of Upper Austria
The sky darkened over the Innviertel and Mühlviertel, but the state capital was spared for the time being. (Symbolic image)

Short but heavy: The first thunderstorms hit Upper Austria earlier than originally expected on Thursday afternoon. At around 3:30 p.m., a thunderstorm cell crossed the northern half of the state from Bavaria. The first severe weather alert reached the state warning center at around 3:20 p.m. from Wernstein am Inn (Schärding district): Heavy gusts of wind had caused a tree to fall over there.

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Fire brigade deployed

Shortly afterwards, the fire brigades were called out to further thunderstorm operations in the districts of Grieskirchen, Urfahr-Umgebung, Freistadt and Rohrbach. According to the state fire brigade command, the main reasons for the operations were flooded cellars, fallen trees and clearing traffic routes. However, compared to the heavy rain operations last Monday, the volume of operations was significantly limited.

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Heavy rain, gusts and hail

The amount of rain also remained – fortunately – below expectations: the experts from Geosphere Austria had predicted up to 30 liters of rain. There was indeed heavy rainfall in some places, as the data from the Hydrographic Service of the State of Upper Austria shows. For example, the measuring point in Neukirchen am Walde (Grieskirchen district) recorded around 21 mm of rainfall within a very short space of time. Observers reported on social media about heavy rain, gusts of wind and hail. Pictures showed meadows whitened by hail in places like St. Gotthard im Mühlkreis (Urfahr-Umgebung district) and St. Martin im Mühlkreis (Rohrbach district). There was initially no information about major damage.

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Was that it now?

Has the risk of severe weather been averted or will more cells follow? According to Geosphere Austria, the worst is probably over in the northern half of the country. However, isolated showers are still possible into the night, said meteorologist Josef Haslhofer in an interview with OÖN in the late afternoon. In the southern mountains, such as in the Salzkammergut or in the Pyhrn-Priel region, there is still potential for thunderstorms in the warm, humid, unstable air. Geosphere Austria’s severe weather warning is valid until 11 p.m. on Thursday.

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It remains unstable

The weather in Upper Austria is similarly unstable on Friday: the first rain showers and thunderstorms could fall in the mountains as early as midday, while in the lowlands it should remain dry for a while and summery warm with temperatures of up to 26 degrees. According to forecasts, the unstable weather will continue over the weekend before a cold front reaches us on Monday.

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