The Frente Amplio harshly criticized the government for Astesiano’s espionage of Marcelo Abdala

The Frente Amplio harshly criticized the government for Astesiano’s espionage of Marcelo Abdala

The old — and also recent — government scandals continue to cause headaches for the Executive power just 24 days before the internal elections and in the middle of the campaign in Uruguay. Now him Asestiano case returns to the center of the debate after it became known that the president Luis Lacalle Pou was aware of his former custodian’s espionage on the president ofl PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala. From the Wide Front They pointed to an alleged preparation of cases with the knowledge of the president.

The controversy continues to be a central issue in the government and in the campaign, now with Alejandro Astesiano as one of its protagonists, again. The new scandal at doors arose from the publication of the book “He Astesian case. “A plot of espionage and corruption in the Executive Tower”, of the journalist Lucas Silva. There, the investigation focuses on the espionage of the former head of presidential security on Abdala, after he crashed in 2022.

According to the chats exposed by Silva and detailed by the weekly Busqueda, the former custodian asked the General Directorate of Repression of Illicit Drug Trafficking (Dgtrid) to investigate whether the president of the PIT-CNT had gone to a drug-selling “deal” before having the traffic accident in question.

These facts were already known in the case—it was known that Astesian had carried out espionage tasks on Abdala, and to do so he had used resources from the Ministry of Interior, as well as his position to obtain favors—but the novelty that the scandal generated is that the president Lacalle Pou He would have been aware of his custodian’s request to the Anti-Drug Brigade.

This would be proven by a screenshot that the same former custodian shared with the commissioner of the Montevideo Anti-Drug Brigade, Rafael Alen, in which it is observed that Astesian forwarded the police report about the alleged “mouth” to Lacalle Pou and he responded “perfect.”

Although the president has not expressed himself on the matter, yet, since the Wide Front They harshly questioned what this new information reveals, and pointed out the possibility that the president was aware of the attempt to set up certain cases.

The reactions of the Broad Front

One of the first to express himself about the news in the Astesian case He was the presidential candidate for Broad Front, Yamandú Orsi. “What is published in two media today shows that, in addition to spying on opposition senators, they wanted to invent a case against the president of the PIT-CNT. It was Astesiano, from the Suarez residence and the president of the Republic was aware. Will there be limits? “, He posted on his social networks.


Other leaders and leaders of the opposition also made reference to what appears to be a new government scandal. For example, Senator Alejandro “Pacha” Sánchez He maintained that “they used the power of the State for political purposes; monitoring, surveillance, espionage, to mount an operation to politically discredit a union leader.” “They broke everything! “They are degrading the democratic pact,” he added.


Also Óscar Andrade said and wrote: “Until one day the not knowing, pain and shame ended,” in reference to the first statements offered by the President of the Republic when it was announced that Alejandro Astesiano He had a criminal plot set up in the Executive Tower.

“Espionage again and armed with causes,” lamented the senator Charles Carrera. “The damage to the country’s democratic institutions has already been done. We must get to the bottom of it, the facts are very serious,” he added.

For his part, the former undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, Pablo Ferrerimaintained that “the institutional deterioration to which this government is leading is regrettable.” Uruguay”. “Things that we never thought would happen in Uruguay, They have become part of the landscape. “There is a lot to rebuild, at an economic, social and democratic quality level,” he noted.

Defense from the National Party

Meanwhile, since National Party They quickly came out to criticize the expressions of the Broad Front. One of the defenders was Senator Sebastian Da Silva, who described the left-wing coalition’s campaign as “hypocritical.” “They are outraged by a ‘Perfect’, not by having on their list a deputy prosecuted for using public money to blackmail employees. Collective indignation has a limit: the common sense of the people,” he wrote.


Also the senator and former Minister of Defense, Javier García, he questioned the opposition. “’And hit Pernía…’ There are 20 days left until the elections and they can’t come up with an idea. Marset, Astesiano, Penadés, They don’t come out from there. They operate the Prosecutor’s Office, they operate the press, books, but nothing ideas. Last week Orsi: the country is falling apart, yesterday Orsi: the economy is fine. “They’re sad,” he said.

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