10 facts about Bubble Days

10 facts about Bubble Days
This year the professionals are blobbling at the Bubble Days.
In the evening, music sets the tone at Bubble Days.
Brassbeat will be offering a special morning pint on June 8th.

The weather. It is always a little anxious about the prospects that the Bubble Days organizers around Jörg Neumayr have in the days and hours before the big event. This year is no different. The only problem was the flooding that came from southern Germany across the Danube to Linz. The area in Linz’s commercial port, where things will be happening for two days starting tomorrow, June 7, was spared from the floods. Everything is going ahead as planned, says Neumayr.

The OÖN offers below the 10 more or less important facts that everyone should know in connection with this special festival.

  1. New entry, free entry
    As usual, entry to the Bubble Days is free. It has always been this way and will remain so this year. What is new, however, is the entry along the path that leads to the festival area in the harbor area. “Visitors no longer have to enter via the gravel area, but can go straight in along the industrial row behind the Voest Alpine Service Center,” says Neumayr, pleased with the company’s willingness to accommodate him. This would result in many advantages.
  2. It starts early
    Since the Bubble Days are a festival for everyone, there is a lot of programming on both days starting at midday and early afternoon. On June 7th, the imaginary gates to the festival grounds open at 2 p.m., and on June 8th, things start at 12 p.m.
  3. Who flies higher? The Blobbing Contest
    Last year it was a real eye-catcher when daredevils were whirled through the air in blobbing. This year the organizers are going a step further. This time it’s the professionals who are flying. Eight teams from Austria, Germany and the Netherlands are competing for prize money in professional blobbing. The competition, which is set to be a highlight, starts on June 8th at 4 p.m., and training starts on June 7th at 3 p.m., although amateurs are only allowed to try the test jump on this day. Incidentally, in addition to a jury of experts, there will also be a celebrity jury, with former athletes such as ski flyer Martin Koch.
  4. Relax in the new Beach Club
    Summery flair needs a summery mood. If the water nearby isn’t enough for you, a new beach club area will get you in the mood this year. Easy to find, because the Linz AG Beach Cube is a construction made of shipping containers that can’t be overlooked, there is a sandy beach, water access, deck chairs, a cocktail bar and you can also inspect sailing boats there.
  5. The festival for young and old’
    The Bubble Days are a participatory festival and this can be seen again this time in the various stations and activities that are offered here. You can spray graffiti, try skateboarding or skimboarding, take a free harbor tour or let off steam in a playful way, for example on the pump track.
    In the evening, music sets the tone at Bubble Days.
    Image: flap.at


    In the evening, music sets the tone at Bubble Days.
    Image: flap.at

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