The keys to the new scandal around Lacalle Pou

The keys to the new scandal around Lacalle Pou

A new scandal hits the government and, particularly, the president Luis Lacalle Pou just 23 days before the internal elections, after it became known that the former head of its security, Alejandro Astesiano —already famous for the case that bears his name and which was a source of controversy in Uruguay during last year—, informed him about the investigation he requested regarding the head of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdalaafter he had a traffic accident in 2022.

“Perfect,” he replied. Lacalle Pou by WhatsApp to the report of Astesian about that in the warehouse in Old City The one that the president of the union had entered before having the accident was finally not a “mouth” for selling drugs – as the former custodian suspected – but rather a business unrelated to the crime; according to information published in a book by the journalist Lucas Silva whose preview will be published this Thursday Busqueda and La Diaria. This unleashed the scandal not only due to the new judicial leaks after what happened in the case Penades with Pablo Iturralde, but also due to the fact that the head of state was aware of at least one of the illegal activities of his former security chief.

Lacalle Pou’s defense

Several hours after the scandal broke, the president Lacalle Pou He confirmed that he received the report about Abdala but maintained as justification that he “always receives information” about people and issues that could be of importance to the country. “The difference is that this information is not used, nor was it used,” she added, and criticized that “lucubrations” were being made based on a single word.

“Dancing all the time to the music of those who are leaking information, biased information that should be reserved in some way, already has our legs cramping,” he shot. Likewise, he pointed out against the electoral use of the scandal: “Whoever has something to say, any citizen, any person or a political party, today I was reading statements from many political leaders, the best thing they can do is go to court,” he continued. . “If it is really believed that the President of the Republic acted illegally: To Justice,” he said. Lacalle Pou.

The harsh criticism of the Frente Amplio

They barely met in the news in the Astesian case and the role of the president, leaders of the Frente Amplio came out to strongly question the news. The first of them was the presidential candidate Yamandú Orsi: “What is published in two media today shows that, in addition to spying on opposition senators, they wanted to invent a case against the president of the PIT-CNT. It was Astesiano, from the Suarez residence and the president of the Republic was aware. “Will there be limits?”, He posted on his social networks.

In the afternoon, the president of the left coalition, Fernando Pereira, rebuked Lacalle Pou for keeping quiet information that is in their possession. “The president cannot say that he did not know. The president knew that they were going to go to that pantry because they thought it was a mouth. This chat hurts politics, the President of the Republic,” he questioned.

For Pereira, “it is evident that the president knew more than he said about this issue,” and that the scandal “can only be resolved in one way: by saying everything he knows.”

Meanwhile, today the Political Table of the Frente Amplio to decide what actions to take in the face of new events involving the government and the head of state. From the PIT-CNT, Meanwhile, they asked that a fact that “harms democratic values” be investigated with “measure and responsibility.”

The opinion of the former prosecutor in the Astesiano case

On the other hand, the former prosecutor of the Astesiano case, Gabriela Fossati, He denied having knowledge of the facts leaked in the former custodian’s chats, although he had received a complaint from Abdala for illegitimate tracking in the middle of last year’s investigation, but the lack of evidence prevented the case from moving forward.

“Not even Police He warned me, I didn’t even see anything about that chat. My team was not aware either,” she now clarified to Montevideo Portal. “I don’t know about the base paste mouth. Yes, at the time Abdala told me that the day he crashed he had had a complicated day due to personal problems,” she added.

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