How much are the tolls after the new increase?

How much are the tolls after the new increase?

The Executive Branch signed the decree with the semiannual update for tolls, both in electronic tolling and through Sucive.

He Executive power set the new rates for tolls in Uruguay within the framework of the semiannual update. The values ​​apply from June 1 and will remain in effect for the next six months.

The last adjustment had been last December 1, and now the Executive established by decree the increase in the price of tolls for the different categories of vehicles and the different means of payment.

How were the new values?

The new decree signed by the president Luis Lacalle Pou and the ministers of Economy and Finance (MEF), Azucena Arbeleche, and Transportation and Public Works (MTOP)José Luis Faleroestablishes an increase of 3.29 pesos in the basic rate for cars and trucks, which is 2.80 pesos for payment with Teletoll and 1.94 pesos if paid through Sucive.

In this way, and with the updated values, the price in the category cars and trucks of electronic tolls went to 145.78 pesos; while the Sucive rate reached 186.94 pesos, as occurs with the tractors without semi-trailer and the bus with up to 25 passengers.

Meanwhile, those vehicles or cargo equipment with up to three axles and six wheels They will have to pay 207.64 pesos, while the Sucive rate was 266.27 pesos. Furthermore, for the bus category more than 25 passengers and vehicles or cargo equipment with three axles and more than six wheelsthey will have to pay the same amounts as category 3: 207.64 pesos and 266.27 pesos.

New toll rates.webp

It is worth remembering that since April, the position of Pando (Cannelloni) joined the other 12 that already operate without cashier and only through electronic toll or Single Vehicle Income Collection System (Sucive)so it no longer accepts cash payments.

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