German city of Zittau may be underground due to coal mining in Poland

The German city of Zittau may be underground due to the decision taken by Poland to develop coal mining in mines. This includes the Turov mine. It was reported on December 29 by RIA Novosti.

The agency’s observer notes that at Turov, which is located at the junction of Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland, the annual volume of coal production is 27 million tons. At the same time, Poland, as the journalist assured, cannot afford the so-called green energy transition, unlike Germany. after all, the country is the absolute leader of the European Union in coal mining. In 2020, local miners raised 56 million tons of coal, which is 96% of all European production.

Workers at coal mining companies, including the Polish Mining Group (PGG), are staging large-scale protests demanding the creation of a clear program for the development of the country’s coal industry and higher wages for processing.

At the same time, as the journalist pointed out, the Polish side refuses the requirements of the Czech Republic and Germany to decarbonize the energy sector, despite the fact that it supports such initiatives coming from states. In particular, in March 2020, coal production at Turov was extended until 2044, which provoked protests in the Czech Republic and Germany.

According to geologists, the continued development of the mine will lead to dangerous changes in the local geological structure. German cities may suffer, while Zittau is already going underground. At the same time, Brussels demanded that Poland pay € 500 thousand a day because of the refusal to close this coal mine. Berlin added that if “Turov” continues to function, then irreversible changes may occur in the geological structure.

Thus, the protests are aimed at making certain decisions by Warsaw. The miners demand that the authorities go to meet them, but if not, they will stop shipping fuel to the power plant, which will provoke an energy collapse.

At the same time, in September 2020, Polish miners also launched an underground protest. According to the unions, the national energy plan, which implies reducing the use of coal and the volume of emissions into the atmosphere, is unacceptable, as it will lead to the elimination of most of the industries in Silesia and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Source: IZ

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