The PIT-CNT analyzes denouncing the espionage against Abdala before the ILO

The PIT-CNT analyzes denouncing the espionage against Abdala before the ILO

The delegation of the union headquarters in Geneva analyzes “including the Astesian theme” in its speech to the organization’s 112th Conference.

The PIT-CNT evaluates the complaint of espionage against Abdala and the Astesiano case before the ILO.

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He PIT-CNT evaluates reporting to the International Labor Organization (ILO) the new scandal around Astesian case which includes the “illegitimate monitoring” of the president of the union confederation, Marcelo Abdala.

A delegation of PIT-CNT headed by the general secretary of the central is located in Geneva, Switzerlandparticipating in the 112th ILO Conference; Therefore, it is being analyzed to take advantage of the opportunity to make a presentation regarding the recently known facts that imply espionage on Abdala in 2022 by the former head of presidential security. Alejandro Astesiano, with use of resources Ministry of Interior and with the knowledge of the president Luis Lacalle Pou about these actions.

As he advanced Joselo Lopez, President of COFFEE, to Informativo Uruguay, next Tuesday the 11th, when the union delegation must speak before the conference, “it will surely include the topic Astesian and the investigation aimed at our president, Marcelo Abdala.”

Although there is agreement that the union movement “must be cautious in the face of an event of these characteristics,” it is also generally understood that “the tracking severity to a union leader from the presidency of the Republic,” López stressed.

The delegation, for its part, had already agreed to present a complaint against the Uruguayan government before the ILO standards commission next Monday regarding the application of the medical leave regime in the public sector, as they consider it to be a violation of current agreements. This had been announced to the president Lacalle Pou before starting the trip to Switzerland. On the subject, they hope that, with the intervention of the United Nations, “a new negotiating table can be established, leaving the application of the new regulations on hold.”

The Broad Front also analyzes steps to follow

For its part, this Friday the Executive Secretariat of the Broad Front to analyze the facts disclosed in the journalist’s book Lucas Silva, which were advanced by Busqueda and La Diaria.

On Thursday, after the scandal broke out and it became known that President Lacalle Pou was aware of the illegitimate tasks he was carrying out Astesiano, the head of the left coalition, Fernando Pereira, He maintained that “all limits were crossed” and that the president “cannot say that he did not know.” “It can only be resolved one way: by saying everything he knows,” he said.

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