A tourist discovered that a famous waterfall is fake

A tourist discovered that a famous waterfall is fake

The discovery sparked outrage on social media. The waterfall is actually supplied by a pipe camouflaged among the stones.

Courtesy Xataka.

The famous waterfall Yuntaiconsidered the highest in Chinahas become the protagonist of social networks after it became known that in reality it is false. A tourist discovered that the popular tourist attraction is supplied by a hidden pipewhich generated outrage among Internet users.

The images showed that the country has been deceiving those who visit the phenomenon for years and made it clear that it is not a “natural waterfall” but the water comes from tubes that transport water. After going viral, officials apologized for lying to tourists.

The video of the fake waterfall in China

The snippet was shared by user Douyin via TikTok. There it is observed that part of the structure is camouflaged as if they were natural stones, so as not to reveal that it is actually the tubes that transport the water.

According to statements of Excelsior, officials at the Yuntai tourist park in Henan province had to come out to clarify the situation. “We made a small improvement only during the dry season to make it look its best”they stated.

The anger of tourists who visit the waterfall in China

The phenomenon has 300 meters high and is visited by millions of tourists a year. Yuntai Mountain attracts people because of its ancient geological formations dating back one billion years.

Furthermore, the hill where the waterfall is located was declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as one of the first World Geoparks on February 13, 2004.

For these reasons, visitors expressed their anger upon learning of the deception. “It is not respecting the natural order and not respecting tourists“says one of those present in the viral video.

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