NEOS concluded election campaign with “Star Festival”

NEOS concluded election campaign with “Star Festival”
NEOS Chairwoman Beate Meinl-Reisinger

In front of EU flag-waving campaigners and with the European anthem in the background, top candidate Helmut Brandstätter and party leader Beate Meinl-Reisinger were confident of victory: “We will be among the big winners on Sunday,” Meinl-Reisinger called out to the pink supporters.

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The “Star Festival” was opened by Secretary General Douglas Hoyos, who, like all the speakers after him, entered the stage to an upbeat version of the European anthem played by DJ Niko Alm. “We call it the Star Festival because we are fighting together for the United States of Europe.”

There were enough stars: Hoyos started with calls of “Helmut, Helmut, Helmut”, but before the top candidate he brought those on the list who are unlikely to lead to a seat in the EU Parliament to the front of the stage. Each of them had a large star that stood for a demand of the NEOS: for example a “European army”, “direct election of the EU Commissioner” or “common external borders”.

  • Video: NEOS closed election campaign

“Education as the EU’s fifth freedom”

The star of the leading candidate ultimately stood for something that the NEOS have been drumming up throughout the election campaign: “Education as the EU’s fifth freedom”. Brandstätter refrained from direct attacks on the other parties. Without naming names, however, he did allow himself to be carried away with a few sideswipes: “It just won’t work with the loudmouths who aren’t as patriotic as they pretend.” And: “It was said that if everyone can travel cheaply by train, then the climate will be secure, but it’s not that simple.” For Brandstätter, the election is also about peace, he said with regard to the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. “So that there is no longer a generation in this EU that has to talk about their fathers shooting at each other.”

Before that, he received support from the party leader: “Many people said, is it a smart idea for Helmut to run? You have proved them all wrong!” Meinl-Reisinger was convinced. “You are authentically Europe.” She was also a little more aggressive, saying that she missed the other “all male party leaders during the election campaign. Maybe because they know that the result will be bad?” She wants to carry on with the momentum of the last few days – the party leader has just toured places with particularly low voter turnout or particularly high FPÖ results: “This is not the end of the election campaign, it is the start of the grand finale. And we will celebrate on Sunday.”

Finally, Anna Stürgkh, second on the list, was brought onto the stage. Her campaign is about the “energy union” and the phase-out of Russian gas. “We must not allow our Europe to be destroyed by the right-wing extremists and the left-wing extremists, and we will stand up to Putin.”

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