He defined himself as the president of cryptocurrencies

He defined himself as the president of cryptocurrencies

The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, differed from the intention to regulate cryptocurrencies of the president of the United States, Joe Biden, and defended the sector.


The industry of cryptocurrencies He threw himself into the presidential elections. The Republican candidate donald trumpappeared as a advocate of this new type of digital money at an event in San Francisco and criticized the regulatory attempts of the current president Joe Biden.

“Said I would be the president of cryptocurrencies“, he claimed Trevor Traina, a San Francisco technology executive and former Trump ambassador to Austria. This Friday, Trump participated in a fundraising organized by venture capitalists David Sacks and Chamath Palihapitiyawhere around $12 million was raised.

On his way to return to the White House, Donald Trump took advantage of this act to once again differentiate himself from Biden. The current American president has been raising the need for regulate the cryptocurrency sector. In 2022 he signed an executive order aimed at ensuring the responsible development of digital assets and expressed his desire to work with Congress to develop a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, Trump highlighted the importance of cryptocurrencies and stressed that he greatly supported the sector.

A cryptocurrency guru bets big on the future price of Bitcoin

Michael Taylorfounder and president of MicroStrategya leading business intelligence company and a fervent advocate of Bitcoinhinted at what he expects to be the cryptocurrency’s next all-time high (ATH).

In a recent post on his X account (formerly Twitter), Saylor shared an image generated by artificial intelligence that shows a close-up of the right eye of a human face, accompanied by the message: “Keep your eyes on the prize. #Bitcoin”. In the image, you can clearly see the numbers 69, 98 and 89, which could represent your expectations about the next Bitcoin price peak.

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