Delgado talks about political operation and the Frente Amplio defines its position on Monday

Delgado talks about political operation and the Frente Amplio defines its position on Monday

The National Party candidate considered that the leaks in the middle of the electoral campaign generate “a lot of suspicion” and the opposition will meet again.

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The pre-candidate of National Party, Álvaro Delgado, assured that the scandal unleashed by the leaked chats between the president Luis Lacalle Pou and the former custodian Alejandro Astesiano, “generates a lot of suspicion,” considering that it is “a political operation” in full swing. electoral campaign.

For Delgado, “the president was very forceful, very serious and very clear” regarding the chats, pointing out that “the issue has been in court for a year” and then raised the tone by expressing: “The leaks every day of something that should be a guarantee, such as tax files.”

“That chat parts appear, which it is not known if they are true or if they are edited, surprises me. I am very suspicious that they appear 24 days before an election”, the white candidate pointed out at a press conference about the consequences of the Astesian case.

Along these lines, the former Secretary of the Presidency warned: “I think there is a game of political operation. “I have no evidence so I have no one to blame, but this electoral political comedy of the chat rooms has me a little fed up.”

For this reason, he called to “continue insisting on an electoral campaign as the people deserve.” Uruguayans, as we are used to” and shot: “Let’s not get used to the worst policies of other countries. “We are going to do a campaign of proposals.”

The Frente Amplio meets on Monday and warns that Lacalle Pou “knows more than he says”

In parallel, the president of the Frente Amplio, Fernando Pereira, He anticipated that the opposition will meet again on Monday to rediscuss what he considered “a delicate issue” and make resolutions, while insisting that Lacalle Pou “knows more than he says”, in line with the criticism of that party.

Pereira pointed out that “the president knew that there was an action by the head of security that went beyond his task” and, regarding the different government scandals, he noted: “There is a set of government actions that, from our point of view, they are degrading the institutionality of the Republic”.

“Institutionally, it is the president who has to tell all the Uruguayans “what happened, what was the conversation, why did the fate of a union leader come to follow,” concluded the president of the FA regarding the espionage of the president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala

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