The Rainbow Parade is under strict police protection

The Rainbow Parade is under strict police protection
Equal rights for all: The LGBTQ community is taking to the streets in Vienna today.

The Rainbow Parade will march along Vienna’s Ringstrasse for the 28th time today, Saturday. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, heterosexuals, transgender, cisgender, intersex and queer people will demonstrate together for acceptance, respect and equal rights in Austria, Europe and around the world. The organizers are expecting more than 300,000 participants.

The temporary arrest of three young terrorists suspected of being radical Islamists, who are said to have planned an attack on the Rainbow Parade last year in the name of the “Islamic State” (IS), is having an impact on this year’s event. The St. Pölten public prosecutor’s office’s investigations into this are not yet complete. However, all three young suspects were released after just a few days last year. There was loud criticism of the authorities’ actions. They had “used the term terror without any basis whatsoever,” said political scientist Farid Hafez, who specializes in Islamophobia research.

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With regard to Vienna Pride and Pride Month, which lasts the whole of June, there are currently “no indications that point to a concrete threat to the events,” the DSN said last week.

The Vienna State Police Directorate also confirms this. Despite this, “security precautions will be high,” although operational planning has not yet been completed, they said upon request. The police did not disclose details of the specific security measures: “For tactical reasons, the form and extent of the security precautions cannot be disclosed.” The visible police presence, but also the deployment of civilian officers, are essential parts of the security concept.

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Search warrant

There is a search warrant for the “Vienna Pride Village” on Rathausplatz. Access is only permitted to those people who allow their clothing and containers to be searched.

From the morning hours today, temporary traffic closures and diversions in the event area and on all adjacent streets are to be expected in Vienna’s city center. It is recommended that people avoid the affected areas as much as possible.

Linzpride not until July

The demo was originally supposed to be on June 29th. But that didn’t happen because the Lido Sounds is taking place at the Urfahraner fairgrounds during that period (June 27th to 30th). The Linzpride therefore had to be moved to July 6th (starting at 12 noon), and the route is also new. The Urfahraner fairgrounds are no longer the destination, instead there will be a parade through the city. The start and end point is in the Volksgarten.

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