Jorge Gandini proposed a new consensual LUC to confront drug trafficking

Jorge Gandini proposed a new consensual LUC to confront drug trafficking

The senator and pre-candidate National Party, Jorge Gandini, called to reach a consensus with the rest of the political parties on an agreement to fight against drug trafficking “whoever wins” in the October elections.

For Gandini, the pact between the ruling party and the opposition should lead to a new Urgent Consideration Law (LUC) that comes into effect as of March 1 of next year to combat drug trafficking.

The PN candidate pointed out in dialogue with Telemundo that “all parties should agree on some measures that allow us to confront drug trafficking, which comes from abroad.”

“It wasn’t a robbery, it was Mexico,” he said about the quadruple homicide

Then, he remembered the quadruple homicide in Maracaná neighborhood of Montevideo, where three minors died, one 11 years old, stating that “it was not a robbery, it was Mexico” and admitted: “These are things that did not happen in Uruguay and crimes, murders begin to happen with messages so that they know who is in charge.”

For this reason, Gandini called to “face that” and stated: “I think we can make an agreement that takes us to March 1, 2025, whoever wins, with a LUC to approve measures to confront drug trafficking, protect the country and put all the technology necessary so that the smallest amount of drugs possible enters”.

Another proposal was to modify some rules “so that a drug trafficker does not enter and the same day they return the drugs and leave him loose until the content of the narcotic is seen.”

The counterpoint between the ruling party and the Broad Front for the LUC

In the midst of the electoral campaign, the National Party He came out to defend the LUC and the pre-candidate Alvaro Delgado He assured that “it was worth fighting” for the norm, while the Wide Front proposes modifications.

In this regard, the FA candidate, Carolina Cosse, He assured that “to the extent that the law allows it, I am going to propose going back with all the articles that made controls against the money laundering”.

When speaking out against the LUC, he questioned: “Who benefits from moving $100,000 freely and without any control? It is not ordinary citizens or real companies, even if they are not big, because they do things from the right.”

At that time, the pre-candidate Colorado Party, Andrés Ojeda, defended the LUC by indicating that the mayor of Montevideo, while on leave, should specify “which articles of the LUC made washing controls more flexible.”

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