The former custodian revealed Fossati’s request regarding Lacalle Pou

The former custodian revealed Fossati’s request regarding Lacalle Pou

The scandal that shakes the government over Astesian case added a new chapter, after the former presidential custodian published a document this Saturday in which he shows that the former prosecutor Gabriela Fossati requested to exclude the president’s cell phone from the case’s expertise Luis Lacalle Pou.

At a time when the ruling party is trying to buckle itself in the face of a new controversy that affects the Executive and the Wide Front demands serious explanations, Alejandro Astesiano released a document from October 3, 2022, where Fossati asks to send his cell phone again to Scientific police.

According to the file, the request was “in order for him to use all the tools at his disposal, as well as those that must be hired for this specific case, to recover all the messages, audios and videos deleted from his cell phone with this investigation”.

However, in the text it clarifies that it considers as an exception “the messages, audios and videos that may have been exchanged with Mr. Republic President (who are not allowed access).”

“In the event that, for any eventuality (characteristics of the device, permissions that require a contract to use certain tools, etc.) it is not possible to access, indicate what steps should be followed to achieve this, which public or private institutions, national or “International organizations could be consulted to be able to lift the obstacle,” the then prosecutor added in the request.

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Fossati points against the Prosecutor’s Office

After the publication, Fossati used his X account to ensure that the Prosecutor’s Office “is not fulfilling its obligations” and consider that “judges should be concerned about the consequences of their authorizations.”

In turn, he considered that the FGN “is responsible for safeguarding the rights of third parties unrelated to the investigation and must respond for the leaks”, and then point out that it must “individualize the leakers and prosecute them criminally.”

It is worth remembering that, in his only mention of the case, Lacalle Pou He assured that he “always” received information and stated that “the best thing they can do is go to court if they believe that the President of the Republic acted illegally.”

The curious thing is that, in the same way, the former prosecutor maintained that “there was no order” regarding the president’s phone and said that “he offered his cell phone.” “To guarantee everyone, I also requested authorization from the judge to carry out an examination with a keyword system. Yes (the prosecutor Sabrina) Flowers “If you want to do a new investigation, you have to ask a judge, not the attorney general,” he indicated.

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