Car confiscated: Speeder (19) stopped at 193 km/h in Kleinzell

Car confiscated: Speeder (19) stopped at 193 km/h in Kleinzell

The police had seen the Kosovan-born man from the Grieskirchen district coming from a distance: in the area of ​​the Neufeldner Bridge, the road is clearly visible, and the officers measured a speed of 199 km/h. After deducting the measurement tolerance, 193 km/h remains, which is 93 km/h more than the limit on country roads. The patrol car gave chase and stopped the boy. He had a couple of friends with him in his Audi A4. The 19-year-old said he was driving so fast because he wanted to pick up an acquaintance from Altenfelden.

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“Extremely reckless”

“That is extremely reckless. You can never tell whether wild animals are running across the road or whether there are parts lying on the road somewhere,” said Klaus Scherleitner, head of the state traffic department, in an interview with OÖNachrichten on Saturday. One thing is certain for him, however, that something like that “doesn’t just happen. It can happen that on a long straight like in this area you overlook how fast you are actually going. But at almost 200 km/h it is a deliberate act.”

The car is now gone, and with it the 19-year-old’s driver’s license. Not only he, but also his father will not be happy about the whole thing: the car is registered to him. Now the ball is in the Rohrbach district authority’s court: they have two weeks to determine whether the car must be returned or will be auctioned off.

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