Floods: Water levels in Upper Austria are rising again

Floods: Water levels in Upper Austria are rising again
In Linz, the mobile flood protection will remain in place until further notice.

Last Tuesday, the Danube water level in Linz was more than seven meters. It only fell below the warning limit of 550 centimeters again at the weekend – but only briefly: “It’s going up again,” said Christian Wakolbinger from the Hydrographic Service of Upper Austria on Sunday.

In addition, the Tyrolean colleagues have issued a flood warning for the Inn because of the melting snow. If the water levels rise there, this will naturally have an impact on the Innviertel. “Due to the rain forecast, we are expecting a significant increase in Schärding again,” said the hydrologist. For this reason, the Schärding fire brigade rebuilt the flood protection on Sunday afternoon for safety reasons.

Flood risk continues

Geosphere Austria expected rainfall of 20 to 50 millimeters per square meter, but over a period of five days. Although the rainfall is likely to remain relatively low, there is a risk of flooding due to the soil still being very saturated. The Hydrographic Service expects the next peaks to occur overnight into Tuesday.

Due to the strong current of the Inn, a firefighter had to be rescued from the water in Schärding at the weekend – nachrichten.at reported. He and four of his colleagues got into trouble during an exercise for a competition. Because a rope got caught in the propeller of the ship, the volunteers capsized with their boat. Fortunately, those involved escaped with a fright, and no one was injured in the incident on the raging Inn.

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