Curious: Relegation in the lower house not yet complete

Curious: Relegation in the lower house not yet complete
In the lower house there is a knockout round, also called relegation.

Because Gosau’s game in the 1st Class South against St. Wolfgang was abandoned on Sunday due to weather conditions, not all relegation matches have been decided yet.

And it’s really dramatic: Gosau is in second place in the 1st class South before the duel with 53 points and a goal difference of 64:37. Wilhering is also in second place in the 1st class Middle with 53 points and 64:39 goals. If Gosau were to lose 0:2, they would be level in terms of both the goal difference and the number of goals scored. Wilhering would then go into the relegation due to the higher number of wins.

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It is also unclear whether the full 90 minutes will be added or whether the game will be replayed with 17 minutes remaining when the score is 1-0 for St. Wolfgang. The Senate will meet on Monday.

The OÖFV will probably announce the relegation matches that have already been decided. The OÖN have tried to guess the possible pairings that might make sense from a geographical point of view. However, the matches will not be finalized until they are officially announced by the association tomorrow, Monday.

In any case, lower-class teams do not have to hide in the relegation: in the 143 matches played since the introduction in 2013, the underdog has won 67 times.

These are the possible relegation duels

OÖ-Liga – Regional League
ASK St. Valentin (OÖL) – Donau Linz (LLO)

State League – District League
Sattledt (LLW) – Senftenbach (BW), Katsdorf (LLO) – Hörsching (BO)

District League – 1st Class
Vorchdorf (BS) – Adlwang (1O)
Altenberg (BN) – Gosau (1S) or Wilhering (1M)
Taiskirchen (BLW) – St. Roman (1NW)
Wartberg/A. (BLN) – Palting/Seeham (1SW)

1st class – 2nd class
ASK St. Valentin 1b (1M) – Steyregg (2M)
Kremsmünster (1O) – Ternberg (2O)
Roitham (1S) – Gampern (2S)
Taufkirchen/Michaelnbach (1MW) – Eggerding (2WN)
Schärding 1b (1NW) – Handenberg (2SW)
Eidenberg/Geng (1N) – Walding/Rottenegg (2NW)
Bad Kreuzen (1NO) – Gutau (2NM)

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