Martín Lema said that the Frente Amplio wants the country to do badly

Martín Lema said that the Frente Amplio wants the country to do badly

The leader of the National Party pointed out that the opposition’s attitude in the campaign is “unforgivable.”

He former Minister of Social Development (Mides), Martin Lemamaintained that the Broad Front (FA) “he wants the country to do badly” and that the attitude that the opposition had towards the government throughout the campaign is “unforgivable.”

Lema, who is considering the possibility of running as a candidate for mayor of Montevideo for the motto Republican Coalitionhad criticized the management of the mayor on leave, Carolina Cosseas well as the results of successive FA governments in the country’s capital.

Last Saturday, at an event on list 404 in support of the presidential pre-candidacy of Alvaro Delgadothe leader of the National Party (PN) He said at a press conference that they are facing the end of the campaign with “conviction and” proposals.

“We do this task with a lot of affection, a lot of love for the country and a lot of patriotism. What we regret is the opposition we are having, which is the other side of this,” he noted.

“We have an FA that for a long time unfortunately has claimed that at Uruguay things go badly and that is unforgivable,” continued Lema, who stated that the opposition force lacks “proposals,” as well as “team” and “leadership.”

“The FA is a leap into the void”

In that sense, he regretted that the FA “intends that things will go badly for the country” and stressed that Delgado’s campaign focuses on offering “a second floor of transformations for the country”, based on “the foundations” left by the government. current of President Luis Lacalle Pou.

The nationalist went further and described the FA program as “a leap into the void”, prepared “by those who wanted the country to do badly” during the current government administration. “What the opposition is proposing today is showboating, therefore, we are not going to enter into these grievances,” concluded the former Mides leader.

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