COFE will report the State to the ILO for non-compliance with the new licensing regime

COFE will report the State to the ILO for non-compliance with the new licensing regime

The union of state employees claims the violation of at least six agreements.

The Confederation of Organizations of State Officials (COFE) will meet this Monday with the International Labor Organization (ILO) with the aim of presenting their complaint against the new licensing regime that, according to the union, fails to comply with six agreements of the organization.

The meeting with the international entity will take place this Monday within the framework of Annual Conference What will be celebrated in Geneva, Swiss. There, he would meet the director of Freedom of Association, Karen Curtisthe director of the Standards Committee, Corinne Varghaamong other officials who work in the ILO.

There, the union will present its complaint, which enables the international entity to interfere in the conflict and try to achieve conciliation between the State and the officials. However, if this does not happen, the study of the complaint will be formalized through the creation of a committee to deal with the claim. Based on this, a sanction could be applied to the State if necessary.

What are the unfulfilled agreements that COFE claims?

The new licensing regime came into effect on April 1 of this year. Until then, public officials did not have money deducted from their salaries for certifications. With the modification, they are only entitled to a maximum of nine working days of paid leave due to illness or accident.

In addition, they can be requested alternately or consecutively for a period of one year. From the tenth day on they have the right to subsidy, which will be an amount equivalent to 75% or 100% of the salary, depending on several factors and every January 1st the number of days available will be renewed, which do not accumulate from one year to the next.

With this, since COFFEE They denounce that there are a total of six ILO conventions that are not being fulfilled. The first of them is ILO 151, which is related to labor relations in the public sector. In addition, number 95 is linked to wage protection and numbers 98 and 154, both related to unionization and collective bargaining. The last ones are 155 and 161 that are linked to the safety and health of workers.

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