They project that the fleet of electric vehicles will triple by the end of the year

They project that the fleet of electric vehicles will triple by the end of the year

In the next six months Uruguay would triple the vehicle fleet electric vehiclesa trend that positions the country at the forefront on the continent and that remains a state policy in accordance with the forecasts of the state company UTE.

During the first quarter of the year, worldwide sales of electric cars increased by 25% year-on-year during the first quarter of this year, while in Uruguay In 2023 its sales skyrocketed by 80.92%.

With this as a premise, during the Sustainable Uruguay Expo that took place over the weekend at the ANTEL Arena, the president of the National Administration of Power Plants and Electric Transmissions (UTE), Silvia Emaldi, commented during a presentation shared with the president of Ancap, Alejandro Stipanicic, that the electric vehicle fleet would triple by the end of the year.

“The reality is that the supply increased by 54 percent and there are more brands present. Specialists from the Automotive Chamber indicate that this year Uruguay will have 9 thousand electric vehicles,” explained the leader.

A movement that is growing

At the beginning of May, the director of Electrical Energy of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), Christian Nieves, He assured that from 2020 to date, the sale of electric cars has quintupled, in turn, he commented that the country has more than 7 thousand plug-in hybrids, to which electric trucks and buses continue to be added.

This way, Uruguay, like Costa Rica, became one of the countries with the highest penetration in the sale of electric cars from Latin America. In that sense, the general manager of the Automotive Trade Association (ACAU), Ignacio Pazhighlighted that both countries managed to position themselves based on their characteristics.

“They are small countries that managed to be proactive and efficient in terms of infrastructure. In Uruguay The most distant points in the territory are 570 km away and today there are already 285 chargers installed per UTE. In a few days the projected 300 will be completed and one charger will be available every 50 kilometers on all national routes,” he explained.

As a state policy, UTE incorporated a total of 300 chargers throughout Uruguay, ensuring that there is at least one position every 50 kilometers, which allows total autonomy of the vehicles if they intend to travel throughout the country.

On the other hand, another of the benefits announced by UTE Last year it was the refund of $4,048 plus VAT to all people who purchase an electric vehicle charger and install them at the residence level. A measure that was also included in the state company’s 2024 plan.

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