Football puts the electrical retail trade in a positive mood

Football puts the electrical retail trade in a positive mood
The food trade benefits the most – but more TV sets are also being bought.

The Austrian Trade Association expects the European Football Championship to generate additional sales revenues of around 80 million euros for Austria’s economy. “The EURO boosts consumption,” says managing director Rainer Will. About five percent of this comes from the electronics retail trade. According to the trade association’s consumer study, two out of three men and four out of ten women watch games – a total of 54 percent of the population. The food trade (snacks and beer) will benefit the most from this, but football is also having a positive impact on the electronics industry. With the last test matches and the start of the European Championship, enthusiasm for football is increasing, which is boosting sales of TV sets. This is the case for the electronics wholesaler Mediamarkt, for example, where an upward trend is emerging despite difficult economic circumstances such as general inflation and sales of TV sets have traditionally increased thanks to the European Championship. “That doesn’t mean a doubling of sales, but around 15 to 20 percent is in there,” says an insider.

The fact that TV consumption is not only taking place on the big screen is shown by the fact that mobile phones and tablets in particular are currently in high demand. Some TV manufacturers who are official UEFA sponsors are of course advertising this aggressively and are also profiting from it. The general trend towards larger TV sets is continuing. This is also confirmed by Gerhard Paulik, specialist retail manager at Linz-based electronics retailer E-Tech. “Most of the TV sets we sell are 65 inches or larger.” At around 3,000 euros for a 100-inch set, prices have now become more affordable for many. At E-Tech, the “big European Championship run” has not yet started, “but we are cautiously optimistic,” says Paulik.

A “small” plus in 2024

One should not forget the “line-up” at this European Football Championship: During Corona, many people not only invested in gardens and pools, but also in larger TV sets. The newer TVs already offer 4K to 8K, but because hardly anything is transmitted in this high quality, customers do not yet notice any difference. But there is already a positive signal: after 2023 was still difficult for the electronics industry as a result of Corona, sales increases of five percent are evident for this year. The European Championship could still play a good role in this. (ct)

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