2023 was the year with the most wars since 1946

2023 was the year with the most wars since 1946

Wars continue to divide societies in an increasingly polarized world. Recently, a study that collected information on armed confrontations declared the 2023 as the year with the most war conflicts since 1946.

2023: a year marked by wars

The world has its eyes on the conflicts that develop between Russia and Ukraineas well as the war that takes place in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. However, a recent study revealed that there were many more conflicts in 2023 and, according to historical data, it was the year with the most war scenarios – with a total of 59 – since 1946.

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The conflict between Israel and Hamas began on October 7 of last year.

The count was carried out by the Oslo Peace Research Institute (PRIO for its acronym in English). “The level of global violence has not been this high since the Cold War“, he claimed Siri Aas RustadPRIO researcher and main editor of the study that evaluates war trends between 1946 and 2023.

According to the institute, the increase in the number of conflicts is due, in part, to the “spread of the Islamic State“, a jihadist group, in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and the increasing involvement of non-state actors, such as the jihadists of Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam Wal-Muslimin, who describe themselves as the official branch of Al Qaeda in Mali.

After Africa, the regions of the world most affected by armed conflict were Asiawith 17, Middle Eastwith 10, Europewith 3, and the Americas, with a single conflict. “This evolution makes the work of other actors, such as humanitarian groups or NGOs, difficult, who try to improve the lives of others.“Rustad concluded.

More information about wars:

Although 2023 was the year in which the most wars took place in the last 7 decades, paradoxically, the number of states affected by war conflicts decreasedaccording to the PRIO study.

If compared to previous years, the number of countries affected by an armed confrontation decreased: in 2022, the total number of countries affected reached 39. while in 2023 it dropped to 34. In the same way, the number of combat deaths was reduced by half, around 122,000according to data collected by the Uppsala University, Swedenand coming from international organizations and NGOs.

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In recent weeks, tensions in the Middle East and Europe have grown and conflicts threaten to escalate.

In recent weeks, tensions in the Middle East and Europe have grown and conflicts threaten to escalate.

However, these numbers are the third highest since 1989. This is particularly due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the conflict in Gaza between Israel and Hamas. “The figures suggest that the conflict table is much more complex, with a greater number of belligerent actors active within the same country.“Rustad explained.

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