The PIT-CNT denounced acts of government espionage before the ILO

The PIT-CNT denounced acts of government espionage before the ILO

The delegation of the union center warned that the Executive “carries out actions that threaten union freedom.”

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He PIT-CNT denounced “acts of espionage against the president of the union confederation” before the International Labor Organization (ILO)following the recent knowledge of the “illicit monitoring” carried out by the former head of presidential security Alejandro Astesiano to Marcelo Abdala, and that Luis Lacalle Pou I was aware of it.

The general secretary of PIT-CNT, Elbia Pereira, who heads the delegation of the union center in Geneva, Switzerland, took advantage of his speech before the 112th Conference of the ILO to give a public and global account of the recent events known in the country. There, he denounced the “acts of espionage” against Abdala, in reference to the investigation that Astesiano carried out after the union member had an accident in 2022 due to drunk driving.

The problem was that said investigation was carried out “illegitimately” and by a person who did not have said powers – a custodian – who, in addition, used state resources for it, such as the police and the cameras of the Ministry of Interior. The situation is even more serious because the president was aware of these movements, as recorded in a WhatsApp conversation included in the book by journalist Lucas Silva.

In his speech before the ILO, Pereira denounced this and other aspects of the Lacalle Pou government. “The government of our country carries out actions that threaten the syndical freedom in a broad sense, sanctioning public education union leaders for exercising their right to freedom of expression, unilaterally modifying the medical certification scheme generating the reduction of salaries of large sectors of State workers, violently repressing peaceful demonstrations and carrying out acts of espionage against the president of our union center,” said the general secretary of the PIT-CNT.

The complaint against the new medical license regime

For their part, the representatives of the Confederation of Organizations of State Officials (COFE) who make up the delegation of the PIT-CNT in Geneva they met on Monday with authorities of the ILO to file a complaint against the new medical leave regime for state employees that, according to the union, fails to comply with six agency agreements.

The meeting was attended by Freedom of Association, Karen Curtis and the director of the Standards Committee, Corinne Varghaamong other officials who work in the international organization.

The complaint filed by COFE now enables the ILO to interfere in the conflict and try to achieve conciliation between the State and the workers. However, if this does not happen, the study of the complaint will be formalized through the creation of a committee to deal with the claim. Based on this, a sanction could be applied to the State if necessary.

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