The Frente Amplio requests reports on the alleged espionage of Abdala and the National Party picked up the gauntlet

The Frente Amplio requests reports on the alleged espionage of Abdala and the National Party picked up the gauntlet

The opposition demands answers and the white senator Javier García assured that the opposition “threatens”, but in the end everything “came to nothing.”

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The case Astesian continues to give chapters of controversy and this time it began to heat up the political scene even more, since the senators of the Broad Front (FA) They assured that they will request reports from the government for the alleged illegal espionage of the president of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala; Meanwhile, the senator for National Party, Javier García, He shot at the opposition and accused them of threatening and never fulfilling what they announced.

The senator for Frente Amplio, Juan Castilloconfirmed this Tuesday that the legislators will make a request for reports from the Executive power or to Ministry of Interior to clarify Abdala’s case. “We are giving the government the opportunity to actually give a response,” the senator assured MVD Noticias.

In turn, the president of the Wide Front, Fernando Pereira, He assured that no judicial measures will be taken in order not to alter democracy. “We are not going to keep silent about any of these things but at the same time we are going to act with republican caution, building democratic guarantees so that the country can continue functioning in peace and that means that many colleagues will reproach us for harsher actions,” Pereira said after the meeting held by the opposition secretariat this Monday.

García’s criticism

Faced with the measures – or non-measures – taken by the Frente Amplio, the senator for the National Party, Javier García, questioned the position of the largest opposition force. “They announced, they announced, they announced, it came to nothing,” she said.

“Mud makes those who throw it more dirty than those who throw it at them. We all see this boomerang of the Front, which threatens, threatens, threatens and then realizes that the boomerang comes back to them,” the legislator declared to the press. “It would be much more productive for those who try to convince citizens to leave the mud and throw out an idea, they don’t drop an idea. I don’t have ideas, I have mud,” he added.

The complaint of the PIT-CNT at the ILO

This Tuesday the PIT-CNT denounced “acts of espionage against the president of the union confederation” before the International Labor Organization (ILO)following the recent knowledge of the “illicit monitoring” carried out by the former head of presidential security Alejandro Astesiano to Marcelo Abdala, and that Luis Lacalle Pou I was aware of it.

The general secretary of PIT-CNT, Elbia Pereira, who heads the delegation of the union center in Geneva, Switzerland, took advantage of his speech before the 112th Conference of the ILO to give a public and global account of the recent events known in the country. There, he denounced the “acts of espionage” against Abdala, in reference to the investigation that Astesiano carried out after the union member had an accident in 2022 due to drunk driving.

In his speech before the ILO, Pereira denounced this and other aspects of the Lacalle Pou government. “The government of our country carries out actions that threaten the syndical freedom in a broad sense, sanctioning public education union leaders for exercising their right to freedom of expression, unilaterally modifying the medical certification scheme generating the reduction of salaries of large sectors of State workers, violently repressing peaceful demonstrations and carrying out acts of espionage against the president of our union center,” said the general secretary of the PIT-CNT.

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